"VOLUME 1" exhibition at Kulturort Depot Dortmund e.V. 

currently we are exhibiting our first show together as index.kollektiv 
Vernissage 16.05. 19h 
Guided Tour 26.05. 16h 
Finissage 01.06. 18h 

opening hours: 
Thursday & Friday 17-20h 
Saturdayz & Sunday 15-18h 

at Kulturort Depot Dortmund e.V. 
Immermannstraße 29 
44147 Dortmund

How has the identity of Russian immigrants in Europe changed? What are the advantages or disadvantages of a child growing up on a self-sustainable farm? What do mental illnesses have to do with art?
From 16 May to 1 June, we are exhibiting our work at Kulturort Depot Dortmund e.V. with the title "Volume 1". Our six photographic positions show a wide range and diversity of documentary works. They are focussed on people, examining how individual circumstances and the past influence how we think, feel and live today. What unites the exhibited work is the personal connection to the projects.

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